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First, I HIGHLY recommend that everyone thinking about fitness modeling read this great article: The Complex World of Fitness and Athletic Modeling by Adam Silver.

Helpful Tips to prepare for a photoshoot:

Bring a variety of simple, but bright colorful clothes, and where appropriate, props that are suggestive of your personality. A broad selection of outfits that represent different looks will give you the most variety. (Examples: business, casual, sporty, gymwear, bathing suit... )
Wear simple clothes: nice sweaters, shirts, and t-shirts. Make sure all clothing is clean and not wrinkled. Jeans are great; pastels, black and bold solid colors are also good. Stay away from bright whites.

Do not wear anything with large product logos, ruffles, or busy prints. (Some product names are fine, especially more upscale brands like Abercrombie, Calvin Klein, Hilfiger etc...) Avoid large earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings or watches. Hats can be used for some shots, but do not come to the shoot wearing a hat as it will flatten your hair. Baseball caps that are well worn can look great for casual shots, but it is always best to not detract attention from your face.

Your portfolio photos and head shots should be a clear representation of yourself. Wear your hair or makeup simple, nothing "edgy" or over the top. You should look the way you would normally look when dressed well. (Edgy looks with strong make-up techniques can be great for special shoots, but they don't really work well for showing your natural look.)

If you are tanning for the shoot, be careful to not get much sun the two or three days immediately prior to the shoot. Give some time for your skin to recover after tanning. If you get a lot of sun the day before, you will look bright red the day of the shoot. Avoid large amounts of fake tanning solutions or heavy make-up. It is best to look natural. (Bodybuilders actually look better in still photos without protan; it is much different than the lights at bodybuilding shows.)

Try to relax and come across naturally, let the real you come out in your photos. Practice your smile in a mirror. Try not to be nervous or tense, the camera will pick it up. The more relaxed and ready to have fun at the shoot you are, the better the results will be.

Come prepared and be on time. This ensures that you will have a full session and the best opportunity for some great photos. Often times shoots are arranged for the best daytime lighting, even an hour late can ruin the potential for some great shots. ALWAYS call if there is a delay in getting to the shoot.

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